this site has been decommissioned, so to speak. Look for me here.

Do You Even Noise? at NYC Resistor

Do You Even Noise was presented in the 7th Annual Interactive Show at NYC Resistor, Brooklyn. More about the project here.


Presenting: Slip

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.03.53 PM

Slip  is an interactive app prototype that lets users create unique counterpoint melodies using mouse clicks. Check here.

Kangaroo Communique/The Wanderer is Out!

Kangaroo Communique is available for download free of cost.

Anachronism EP featured in Eclectic Collective


Anachronism EP was featured in the Italy based online magazine called Eclectic Collective. I was also interviewed on the themes explored in its music. Read more here.

Anachronism EP is out!


My debut EP titled Anachronism is now available for online streaming on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Read more here.

 Last Known Surroundings

Named after a song by Explosions in the Sky, This surreal short story by me is about a dying man and his dwindling sense of meaning in the remainder of his life. You can read it here or here.


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