Anachronism EP

Anachronism EP is a tiny capsule where time holds no meaning and genres spread across different eras coalesce effortlessly.

Spread across 5 tracks, Anachronism EP is the debut release of Reckoner and attempts to capture genres spread across different eras in a nocturnal ambient landscape with trip-hop beats.


“Reckoner’s tunes in this album are mainly meant for bedroom listening, though a tracks like groove based ‘Entire History of You’ could potentially translate well live with its hip-hop inspired, muffled vocals and sharp percussion.” – Wild City


“The lesson here is beware of the web globalization because it could bring to your attention human beings who are evolving faster than you.” – Eclectic Collective 


You can stream the album below and buy it here.

The tracks Landing Gear and Entire History of You can be downloaded free of cost.


The track Monsters Under Your Bed was inspired by the twine-based text adventure called There are Monsters Under Your Bed by Canadian game journalist Kaitlin Tremblay.



Composition and Production – Sumanth Srinivasan

Album Art – Ansh Patel

Additional Artwork – Sumanth Srinivasan, Aarudra Moudgalya.




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