My Music

I make music under the moniker Reckoner. The music ranges over experimental guitar-driven tracks, downtempo electronica, dance music or simply a synchronized mix of weird sounds.

I recently released my debut EP titled ‘Anachronism’ – a tiny capsule where time holds no meaning. The EP attempts to capture genres spread across different eras in a nocturnal ambient landscape with trip-hop beats.

You can stream the album below, and buy it here.




I am currently working on the soundtrack for Exist – A first person horror-adventure based on themes of existentialism and societal negativity.

Here’s a Teaser with my music in it.

You can learn more about Exist here.

Press kit.


Bullet Soul Hacker

I contributed for the ‘part shooter part checkpoint racer’ cyberpunk prototype called Bullet Soul Hacker. The soundtrack was created to evoke the synth drenched atmosphere set in the dystopian future inspired by the 80s retro scene. Here’s the main battle track I made for it, called Clip Clip Clip.


Bullet Soul Hacker was said to have “the audiovisual style oozing” from it and was also featured as the Freeware Pick  by Read more here.



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