Review: Obtuse + Divine

The sense of purpose in Obtuse+Divine is so high that it hardly sounds like a debut EP. Machli has been making waves in the Bangalore independent scene for nearly a year now and are a perfect combination of organic sounds and electronic sensibilities. Add to this the soprano vocals of Sandhya Visvanathan, which gives the whole atmosphere a Cocteau Twins twist.

The EP consists of carefully thought out set of five tracks, each tangentially progressing from their initial demos. Lavender Marriage, which was featured earlier as a part of a recent Consolidate Mix, opens the set with its lush harmonies driven by an intuitively funky rhythm. The EP moves on to zoom through the melodic Aadi Maanav and the hustle of Hi-Res into its mellow second half.

Perhaps the strongest tracks in the EP are its opener and Hexagon, with its pop music hooks. It is noteworthy to take a look at Machli’s production that creates a sweet conflagration of acoustic guitar and synth arpeggios, not different from the likes of Beach House, and is most apparent in the sweet spot of Obtuse+Divine EP: Laze.

Machli’s debut EP is written for live shows and hence will possibly dampen the space of an average bedroom listener with its metamorphosing sounds. But then again, this will hardly seem like a bad thing if you’ve seen the band perform. I suggest you do that to get a hang of what is divine and obtuse about them.

You can check the album out here:


– Sumanth


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