They get away, unseen. Unheard. Unnoticed.

Well, not really. They are pretty much visible, audible and whatnot. People do often take heed, but fail to remember. You and me; people. Busy with things that we don’t want to do so we can get what some distant nameless, faceless, and perhaps a limbless man deems necessary.

But then, they’re watching you. They make note of every little habit that you’re trying to hide from the people around you. Remember every little confession that you make. They have figured a pattern in your behaviour, and they’re bloody judgmental about it.

They know enough about anybody – your favourite movie, what you wish to achieve in life, how much sugar would you like in your coffee, the time at which your phone gets busy, the kind of people you talk to, what other people call you, subtle expressions that were supposed to inform something to somebody, your polar shifts in demeanor when talking from person to person – enough about you to have a proper conversation. But then again, they are still quite terrible at making contact with people.

They watch the world around them, as it breaks down into nothingness every evening and try to change it, but only end up inducing fear and apprehension in people’s minds. They go out of the way trying to fix things well beyond their control, or as people like to call it, they haunt. They are very much concerned about the way you and I live. Concerned, but powerless.

If they wanted to, they could commit crimes, given the extent of knowledge and freedom that they possess. It’s almost tempting. But they’re still good people, who believe in letting you live the way you want to and wait patiently until you join them.

They’re human beings, too. Very much alive, and probably standing behind you.

– Sumanth



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  1. I absolutely loved this.

  2. Thank you! It was one depressing afternoon almost a year ago.

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