Strings of day and age.

Hello all,

It struck me, that over the last few years, a lot of things have changed. Not from the worldly perspective, but in the small domain of things around me. That includes, to a large extent, my opinions and tastes.
Take the blog title for example: Over three years ago, i had started this blog to keep note of interesting sites that i visited. Hence i called it ‘Cool Websites.’ But over years, I’ve come to post more personal blogs that talk less and less about my travels in the cyberspace.
There are also a number of other things. My past opinions, choices and experiences do appear ridiculous now. I often find myself questioning my past decisions. I had always fancied the field of computers but i’m doing a major in Electricals now. Three years ago, i had a craze for fantasy novels, but somehow i tend to detest the idea. My religious beliefs are more and more open and abstract with every passing day.
In some cases, an alternative to the route i’d chosen would have spared me a lot of pain. But then again, there’s the future that i know nothing about, which i must take into consideration. Perhaps I was wiser back then, looking into the farthest future self, and choosing the best thing…or maybe i’m wiser now, having gone through these couple of years.
It also largely influences the choices i make now. I remember, about two years ago i knocked my neighbor’s door, curious about guitar as i had never seen one being played in front of me. A week later i was learning it. Today, music has become a huge part of my life. At times, I find myself drifting off into thoughts about it, often while in between something important. I must agree that it has a slight contribution in bringing my grades at college down.
As i’ve mentioned quite a few times earlier, I’m studying Electricals and share a big passion for music. I’ve finished my first year at college and am a week away from my second. Over last year, often have I seen the need to make a choice between Music and Major. Which one am I more passionate about? Which one will I BE more enthusiastic about in future? Philip Selway, an accomplished drummer has mentioned that while picking up music is mostly a teen instinct, sustaining and striving to be a better musician is a tough job.
In attempts to strike a compromise, I’ve also tried exploring technical careers involving music, such as designing pedals or other electronic instruments/accessories in the field of music as there is obviously a boom in the use of digital instruments. That’s been a dead end.
Probably it’s one hard choice. I suppose i have three more years before i take the decision. Who knows future-me might be wiser. Yes?
This is probably why Time Machines don’t exist yet.


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  1. Why 'Templar'??? I always say- wheels of change are always in motion!!! Perfect decision- wait for three years.. you'll get your priority straight till thn explore some more shades of life!! 🙂

  2. At least you're doing something, I'm sitting here doing absolutely nothing. Everybody has plans, and I'm like "Hmmm…you're doing that? Ok. Do it. While I sit here doing nothing."Good said by Phil Selway. And about fantasy novels….that's why I've never finished Samarkand 😛

  3. You have become more matured as time passes. Obviously, your thoughts will keep changing as time passes. Wait till your brain decides that it is time to stop waiting. You have a wonderful future ahead… You just need to realise it and enjoy every single, blissful moment you have in your hand now. And, then, wait for the inevitable!:):)

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