Out of office autoreply.

Not yet, but soon.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I’ve got an Electrical and Electronic Engineering course in Sastra University, Tamil Nadu. The classes begin on 14th, so I’ll have to get settled in my hostel room by 13th. For which, I shall be leaving tomorrow.
Obviously, the last week has been very, very hectic for me. In the midst of packing, procuring necessary things and getting mentally prepared, I also had little time to watch a few movies and get hold of some anime. I haven’t watched the anime, that’s another thing, but I heard that they’re some of the best: Neon Genesis Evangelion, GetBackers and Full Metal Alchemist.
Anyway, I won’t be watching any of those or listening to any new music for a while.
For the first few months, I won’t be having access to internet, and thus may not blog all that often. I’m hoping to get a laptop by Diwali (sometime around November) after which things should get better.
In a few days, my life will supposedly take a huge turn thanks to the following:
–> I’m moving out of home for the first time, away from my family and thus will have to get over my personal attachment and become independent.
–> I need to share a room with three other people which means i will not be having anything ‘exclusive’ any longer, such as ‘my’ own room, ‘my’ cupboard and so on.
–> For the next few months, I’m going to live in a place where’s there is little or no connection to the outside world. For instance, they’ve no television. They’ve wi-fi enabled all over the campus, but as i won’t be taking a computer or my iPod, i can use neither unless i borrow from a friend of mine.
–> I’m not going to get anything instantly. If I feel hungry, I need to walk across the campus to a canteen that’s half a mile away and get whatever I want. No refrigerator. It’s another thing that the refrigerator at home wasn’t very useful in this regard, but i’m going to miss its presence.
–> Talking about being independent, it also includes being disciplined. I need to manage my own things and cannot just drop them around my room…simply because it’s not completely mine.
–> I’m getting into an entirely new system of education that’s definitely different from our regular high school education. It calls for a different approach to learning…something that I can only learn over time.
–> I’ll be living such a life for almost four years, barring the vacations that come twice a year. Although certain aspects will improve as I get settled in my hostel.
Sounds like prison life doesn’t it? Well, not exactly. College life is also known for the fun the students have and how they get shaped up as good individuals and better citizens.
Looking at all these, it’s both exhilarating and unsettling to consider what lies ahead of me. But it’s all a part of life. Sooner or later, I’ll have to experience all these…so why not now?
Anyway, I’ll keep a little journal to myself where I shall be writing my little experiences. I’ll post them when time comes.
I’m off to packing again…and go on a relatively long break from blogging.
Until I blog again,

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